woensdag 20 juli 2016

Titan A. E.

What do you do when it`s a sweltering heat outside and you`re hiding from it?  In my case, put on the fan, sort out Lego elements and watch movies and series in the meantime.

And yesterday, I watched Titan AE, whose dvd I picked up last week.


The movie resolves around the human race coming into conflict with an energy based alien species called the Drej.  This results in the Drej destroying Earth while a few humans survive.  Sam Tucker, a professor (voiced by Ron Perlman) gives his life to fly a ship called the Titan AE (After Earth) away, as his son Cale escapes on a refugee ship.

Jumping 15 years forward, Cale has become an asteroid worker is contacted by Corso, who tells him his father`s ring is actually a map holder.  Together with the rest of the crew, he must escape the Drej once again as they are after Cale as well, and flee into space.

Soon after however, Akimi and Cale learn Corso actually works for the Drej, as he has lost all hope of ever restoring humanity, and they go off and search for the Titan AE by themselves.  When they find it, they overcome the Drej with the aid of a Corso who has seen hope at last, and launch the ship, changing an ice field into a new habitable world, dubbed "planet Bob" by Cale.


This movie, made in the typical american style animation of the early 2000s, has been a bit under the radar in sci-fi midsts.  I confess, I had heard of it when it came out, it vaguely had his name lingering in the back of my mind all those years, but I never actually saw the movie.

And I thought it was rather good.  With strong voice acting, Matt damon, Drew Barrymore and Bill Pulman taking the lead roles, and nice effects, this was for me a better film then the more revered sci-horror flicks like Dead Space.

I guess it just "suffered" in the public and critics eye if you read up on it`s production due to the issues in actually getting it made, even including the demise of Fox Animation during the workings on it et all.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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