maandag 18 juli 2016

Inspirational Lego # 79

In the midst of a pounding hot sun outside and a Pokemon Go craze all around me (yeah, I admit, I ain`t starting it until I have my new phone), I still bring you 10 cool builds to start the week with.

And the first one is the Marketplace of Barqa, including a fantastic fountain.

This fun build details the merits of climbing those high mountains!

 Next, we have an awesome coastal tower from the Pirates theme.  Great rockwork, and a solid looking structure.

I love the style of the house in this wall section build.

The dark forces of Nocturnus are on the move in Guilds of Historica.

More evil doings, as this necromancer leaves his seemingly run of the mill cottage for another day of mayhem.

This is a great looking spaceship if you ask me, transporting your cargoes around the universe.

Guy Himber is back at it, with Munchkin Bricks, based on the popular cardgame.

What Scallywag wouldn`t plie the spacelanes if he had access to this sort of sleek vessel.

And we end the week with this samurai saying his byes to his family before going of to battle.

That`s it for this week, I`m off now for some more huffing and puffing in this heat.

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