zondag 24 juli 2016

Classic Build Report: 6987 Message Intercept Base

In today`s build report, I tackling the big base of the 1988 Blacktron subtheme.

At about 540 plus pieces, and some baseplates like the good old sets used to have, this was the big one of the range back then.

Manned by no less then 5 Blacktron spacenauts, the base is in the business of intercepting the messages of the Futuron spacenauts and directing their forces as such.

The first thing we are building is a small spacejet that comes with it.  This is based around black inverted slopes and a plate between them.

The cockpit of the plane is then build, as the engines are now added to the back as well.

Next, the wing section is put together and added to the plane as we install the canopy.

And the little spaceship is completed.

The second build is a small buggy as where common in the spacesets back then, but it differs in that sidebars are added to this one, adding a bit more detail.

The base begins with black stanchions placed on the baseplates, so that the central base part is raised.

Using Technic bricks, robot arms and the likes, the underside of the base is made ready to be holding tools and the likes.

The topside is then plated up.

The walls are being build, including the use of a lot of computer screens.

The central computer pylon is then made and put, well, in the centre of the floor.

Using a rail, a central elevator system is added to the pylon.

A turning device is added to this elevator to make the attached parts moveable later on in the build.

This device are two openable long arms, which are the next things we are then building and adding to the base.

Moving back outside, we are connecting the second plate to the build.

On this, a secondary, smaller part of the base is build, consisting of a small tower.

This tower is placed on the plate on a rail as well, as it will be able to slide towards the main part of the message base.

Adding some details, the base then stands completed and the Futuron message lanes aren`t safe anymore!

It`s a pretty neat base if you ask me, and it comes with a lot of playability features!

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