zaterdag 2 juli 2016

Buccaneer - Tim Severin

The second book of the four Hector Lynch adventures by Tim Severin, it picks up where we left of in the first volume, a board a small pirate vessel on it`s way to Jamaica.

It`s also the 20th book I`ve read this year, so that is one thing to be scratched off the goals list.

Hector has roused Captain Coxon (a true historic figure) that he was a nephew of Sir Thomas Lynch, but soon this is discovered.  Fleeing the fury of Coxon, he ends up in a great trek of pirates into the jungles of Panama, trying to find a gold mine and big wealth.

Together with his friends Dan, Jacques and Jezreel, they escape the spaniards with barely their lives, but manage to capture a galleon, the Trinity, which is to become their home for the next year.  They ply the trade lanes, and stumble upon a small merchant vessel, where Hector falls for the charms of the servant maid Maria.

Upon his return to england, he is brought to court for piracy, but Maria`s confession unexpectantly saves him from the noose.  He now wants to become a navigator... and look for the girl he loves.

This book was another enjoyable read, and so far I have been fond of the series.  I wonder where the seas will ferry Hector next...

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