vrijdag 22 juli 2016


A small thing I`ve build today, numbering about 70 pieces, is a "pixel art" of that infamous italian plumber, Mario.

Of Nintendo fame, he is almost as old as I am, and I thought it cool to make a small build for him.

Now, this is based on a pixel art picture, and I discovered something better for making mosaics in the future then pictures and software, namely crochet patterns.  The downside on that is however that if you want to make it in 2D like this one, pieces don`t flow over into each other as they are sewn onto a lap normally.

This makes that in essence both brown legparts and his extending arm aren`t connected to the body, so I solved this by using transparent clear 1x2 bricks to go inbetween and connect the parts to the main body in that way.

And the collectible minifig stands are a great way to be able to display it :-)

Hope you like it!

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