dinsdag 12 juli 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6022 Horse Cart

A few months ago, I traded a Resistance X-Wing microfigher set for this one with my buddy Peter De Smet, and tonight I`m featuring it in a build report.

It`s a classic Knights set, from the 1984 Lion Knights range, and is one of those sort of sets that you can easily place in any sort of layout, making it a great asset to my collection.

It`s a 30+ part set, coming with two Lion Knight minifigures, being a driver and a guard.

It all begins with the horse harness, which is attached to the rotating plate for the front wheels.

The main body of the cart is then being build up, including the spaces to add the soldiers equipment.

We close up the sides of the small cart, to give it a more finished look, while an old style horse (they could only move their heads back then, not their hindlegs) is put in front of the cart to pull it along.

All sorts of weapons and gear is then hung on the little cart, ranging from halberds to even a saddle if you would want one of the soldiers to ride off alone.

And the full set completed:

As I started this little build with, it`s one of those sets that every theme has.  Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, yet so effective to place in any sort of theme related lay-out, so pick them up when you get the chance!

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