dinsdag 26 juli 2016

Pirate Sea Robber - Tim Severin

The third instalment of the Pirate series detailing the fictional adventures of Hector Lynch, we are bound for another trip around the world.

Now, between you and me, he must be one of the unluckiest fellows to sail the oceans though...


After escaping the noose thanks to the testimony of the woman he loves in the previous instalment, Hector and his friends find themselves in the employ of the danish.  Soon however, their ship is taken over by an old pirate aquintance, and they set sail to the carribean, where Hector hopes to find Maria again.
He learns though that she moved with her employers to the Ladrones in the Pacific, and manipulates events to go on another ship towards the asian waters, where they face off with a warlord and thieving tribes.
After escaping them with Maria, he gets forced in a conflict between two warring tribes, but all turns out well as he sails towards destiny and a better future for them and his friends.


Again tied to real historical figures and events, but with a nice sauce of fictional characters and countries poured over it, this was another enjoyable read.  Though he really gets around our Hector, and still isn`t a real pirate like we think off in series like Black Sails.  He is more an unlucky bloke he keeps rolling into affairs with pirates as he tries his utmost best to just settle down for a normal life.

It was a good book, and now I only have one more volume in my posession to go, so I`ll be reading that in the near future as well :-)

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