zondag 3 juli 2016

Check this Out: Bouwsteentjes.info

Check this Out is an irregular series of websites, blogs, forums and the likes of people with shared intrests.  

Once in a while, I love to point readers of this little corner of the internet towards them, so they can share in the community, as bloggers have to aid bloggers in small niche hobbies like Lego and such.

There are plenty of them.  Lego fansites, spreading the news and picture leaks that pop over on the internet like wildfire.

But there aren`t many that are in the dutch language. 

Bouwsteentjes is one of the oldest around, running since september 2014 by two dutch blokes I know through Facebook and other social media.  Wesley and Michiel are passionate Lego hobbyists, and they run the site without any obligation to join a club or a forum and the likes.

They do have a Facebook group, Lego Verzamelaars, where you can have a heap of fun and talks, but mind you, NO selling or trading is allowed in there, so if you are looking for another group to sell your sets, don`t bother signing on in that one.

So hop over and have a look at their excellent website!

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