woensdag 6 juli 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6971 Inter-Galactic Command Base

A big classic we have on our hands today, as the command base of the Space range is our classic build.

Now, this hauls from a period when all toylines had base playsets, like Mask, Masters of the Universe, etc, and Lego followed suit with their base.

The base comes with three astronauts, namely a blue, a yellow and a black one.

It also contains a few auxillary vessels, and we start by building a sort of small jet scooter.

Riding on a trio of hover engines, it`s equipped with a lot of indicator lights, and a computer to allow the pilot to gather data on the surroundings.

The second build of the set is a small starship that can be launched from the base. 

This triangular vessel has a pilot seat near the back, where the engine is located.

Adding details in the form of the iconic "Space" slope, the little fighter isn`t to much of a build to be honest.

The third additional vessel is a rocket, which is used to launch satellites from the base.

This missile has technic axles in it`s center to make it sturdy enough, as we build it all the way to the top.

On the side, sensor dishes are attached to make the transferrance of data easier.

The final part of the rocket is making a small satellite that is attached to the point of the rocket, in order to be detached into orbit.

The build continues as we make the launch platform for this rocket first.  This will slide along a launch rail once the base is finished.

Now, back in 1984, the cool thing about the big Lego sets, wether they are spacebases, policestations or castle`s, was that you got baseplates with them.  Something that is really a shame it ever got phased out.  This set has two of the "moon ridge" bases with it.

On this, we are putting down the support struts for the command center, as well as adding the long rail on the side.

Everthing is plated up then.

The launch system for the small jet is put together, and placed on the furthest side of the base compared to the rocket rail.

It`s time to move to the actual command base structure, this comes with swivelling chairs and all to facilitate operations.

Various stations are put in place, as the large windows are installed before them.

Using rocker elements, the top level windows are build in such a way that they angle towards the center.

A large sensor array is the next thing we are putting together and this is placed over the wider area of the command base.

All roofed up, the main structure is ready.

And the full set completed:

I always like the look and feel of this base to be honest.  In later years, when my imagination began to ran a bit "darker", I even started to see the lines in it to serve as the colony on LV-426, with the high rised command center and the large dish et all.  I can just imagine it standing in torrential rains and beasties crawling towards it...

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