maandag 11 juli 2016

Inspirational Lego # 78

Another monday, and back from my second sci-fi convention from the year, it`s time for the selection of the week in cool builds.

And staying in the mood from yesterday, I`m starting this week with an awesome classic of anime: the battleship Yamato.

Not only is the build insanely detailed, it also has customised crew members to go with it in real UCS style.  I would definintly buy that one!

Talking moods, Pokemon GO is the all new craze at the moment, and so what better to include one this week with a great Mudkip.

The Wedgwood House is another great example of medieval fantasy architecture, I love the way the walls are made up with the white and grey, and the sloping of the roof is just gorgeous.

A very impressive looking dropship is the next build I can share with you, look at the excellent way everything is incorporated into the hull.

A few weeks ago I showed a sentinel with the light brick in his chest.  In the meantime, I found more pictures of it, incorporated in a scene with and without PS effects.

This M-Tron battlecruiser is a great looking ship, that makes excellent use of the typical colourscheme.

The Algor Keep was the main base of operations from the Guilds of Historica storyline we did last year, and it really represented the frozen menace.

This weekend, pictures have been leaked about the new Cinderella castle Lego will be releasing, but I must admit I like this one more due to the pinkish colour, like it has in the Disney parcs.

Mighty warriors clash on the borders of a small stream!

The final build is this awesome light tower, in a style reminescent of the late 18th century.

And that`s it once again for my top pics of cool stuff out there.  Hope to see you all again next week!

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