zaterdag 9 juli 2016

Build Report: 75903 Haunted Lighthouse

This is a lovely set, lighthouses are cool and the Scooby Doo one is no exception, so it was a must have set for me if not for the building alone...

Mind you, I won`t be applying the stickers, as this is a build once, then part into my element boxes set, with it`s nice pile of dark red `brick pattern bricks`.

Opening the box, we get a collection of bags, a tube and a larger blue plate.  Add to this the instruction manuals and the sticker sheet, and it`s good for an hour or two of rest and relaxation :-)

The first figures we pull out of the bags are Scooby and Shaggy.  This version of Shaggy comes with seaweed et all printed on it`s torso, making him different from the other versions.

We`re first going to build the speedboat.  This starts on a large lime green inverted roof piece.

The bottom of the ship is made in orange, contrasting nicely with the green of the hull.

Blue side panelling is then added to this ship.

Transparent shoe horns go on the bottom.

The top is then further build, with the windscreen and engine block with rotor at the back.

The ship is completed as we attach the handle for the waterskiing Shaggy at the back.

We then move on to the island where the light house is located on.  This has a treasure cove at the bottom of the rocks.

We start this by laying down the outline of the cave on the blue plate.  A sliding section is added where treasure will be stored as well.

Slowly, this section is being build up.

The treasure chest is then placed in the small niche of the rocks.

This cave section is then fully build up and roofed over.

The map in this set is really cool, X marking the spot, and this is placed on the rocky top of the set.  It is basically the `newspaper` tile of this set.

We then get the third minifigure, the Sea Monster, or better said, the villain posing as one.

Using smaller blue plates, we begin building the waterside cove of the rocky island.  This is an overarched cavern, to which we will be adding a "swivelling" open skull face, an idea we already saw in the Islanders Hidden Cove from the old pirate line originally.

The sides of the cavern are then build, as it stands higher then the previous section we did.

Next up is the "gate" for the cavern, based technic elements to make the swivelling possible, and with a fancy golden tooth included.

A nose and eyes are sculpted into the rocky face.

A swivelling mechanism is added through the cavern side, to allow a button at the back to open and close the rockside.

It`s time then to start building the actual lighthouse, which includes a cosy cooking fire on the first floor as well.  After all, the ghost of the lighthouse needs his dinner as well.

The walls are made and the front door is placed on the build, making us roof it up to be able to add the next floor.

To the side of this first level is the staircase that leads to the second floor of the tower.

We then get the final figures of the set, with Daphne (unique to this set) and the ghost of the tower villain, which also glows in the dark.

We build up the curved, excellent dark red walls of the second floor now, which houses the prison sell where captured Daphne will be held.

The sides are decorated with moss, while at the back the cell is closed off with a grisly spider in her web.

On the top of the tower, the key is hidden to this cell.

These are placed under the actual light of the lighthouse, and we fist add the balcony of the tower for this final level.

The lighthouse flames are on a panel that can go open, in order to have access to this hidden compartment.

It`s then closed in with transparent parts, and placed on top of the fire and complete the tower as such.

The set comes with a nice selection of additional parts:

And the full set completed:

It`s a great set, and I really enjoyed this build.  Hear me ramble a bit about this set in this little YouTube video I made for it:

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