zondag 24 juli 2016

Dimensions Marathon

With Year 2 only about a month away, it`s time to put in some real effort on my Dimensions game.

While I`ve platinummed it ages ago, I still have a lot of gold bricks to pick up left and right, and I want to have as good as all done by the time the excellent new stuff arrives, like the Fantastic Beasts line et all.

I`m going to do this in a few "phases", and if I`ll stick to it, I should be able to come close to the 480 mark in the end.

1. Obtain "Rulebreaker" in the few remaining unexplored Dimensions

2. Clean up the regular levels for the odd minikit or character left and right.

3. Clean up the Dimension worlds.

I`m planning on spreading this in two weekly "marathons", the coming week to get the rulebreaker and levels done, the last week of august to clean up the Dimension worlds themselves (including a lot of those dreaded racing thingies urgh).

But now, time to fire up the PS3...

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