zaterdag 23 juli 2016

Lapzwanzer's Finest Chocolates

Ever since professor Lapzwanzer discovered the secret of cacao in the Mysterious Cave, he has been totally enthralled by the substance, in that he even gave up his post as first contact specialist.

Instead, he decided to open a small store in Quinnsville, together with a native woman he fell in love with and immediatly married (though she has no idea what that means actually, she just came along to see the world), VanillaPecanut.

A small commerce for Quinnsville, this build is the continuation / conclusion of the small Professor Lapzwanzer story, which I did for the challenge back when Cocovia still needed to be officially discovered. 

I wanted, after the coffee shop I build, place a second commerce in the town as well, to show the second of the two natural richnesses the island held, being coffee and chocolate.

Hope you like it!

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