zondag 3 juli 2016

Luuk Luchtwanderlaar's Cabbage Plantation

Part of the ever expanding town of Quinnsville in the Brethren of the Brick Seas building story, the next thing to add onto my list was a plantation.

Now, since the game is set in a Carribean setting, the plantations that have been appearing have mostly been with local crops, like cotton, sugar, etc... 

Luuk? Luuk!?  Are you out there helping your uncle Owen?

Yes aunt Beru, the crops need watering but are doing fine, and the scarecrow we bought from that merchant Jawa'wa seems to do a fine job holding the birds away.  But it still is a mighty boring job.

Oh Luuk, don`t despair.  We need just a few more good crops and then you can join the Lord of Driftwood's fleet of merchant vessels and sail the oceans, until some pirate falls on you as prey and you will be disfigured and sold into slavery like you always dreamed off...

Yay! Thanks aunt Beru! 

So needless to say I wanted to do something different, and in one of those building ideas books I saw cabbages, and liked the way they where represented with green cheeseslopes.  Since green cabbages are an often used veggie out here, I thought it fun to have some farming entrepreneur import them to the island and give the locals a chance to have their dinner there.

I also `dutch-ised` the Luke Skywalker figure from one of the DK books, to fit in the story and with his Tatooine gown he looks good enough to walk the fields of some dusty plantation.  It might also be worth telling that I`m not a Star Wars builder or lover by far, so the figure wasn`t saved for any moc in that direction anyways.

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