vrijdag 15 juli 2016

Build Report: 75915 Pteranodon Capture

Okay, so here is another fine example of my immense backlog.  I received this set from the GF for my birthday... LAST year, and build it almost immediatly.

Today, I can finally present the rather lovely set from the Jurassic World range.

Opening the box, we get two bags of parts, the net in a small cardboard box together with the soft plastic birdshead, the stickersheet and the instructions manual.

The set is based on the scenes in the film when parc owner Simon Mazrani "expertly" flies a helicopter to try and contain the Indominus, which ends in his own demise and the aviary roof in shatters, setting the Pteranodons free. 

The first minifigure we get as such is Mazrani himself.

We assemble the dinosaur first, and it is an absolutely gorgeous model!

But then we begin the work on the helicopter, putting an inverted rooftile on a black plate.

The underside of the heli is then first put together, and we switch our build upside down to secure the parts.

The details for the passenger area are then build, where the gunner / netter will be taking place.

Cockpit controls are then installed.

The tail "basis" is build up, in a rather nifty upside down sort of look, and attached to the main hull.

We then complete the full tail section, and this is put at the end of the helicopter.

Next, the main body of the helicopter is being build up, with it`s open sides and the engine block.

The second figure we get is an ACU agent, complete with a new style of "body armour".

We continue working on the chopper, and install the landing gear underneath.

The canopy is then inserted on the cockpit.

Side panels are mirror build and then attached to make the whole body look sleeker.

We then build the net launcher, which, well, launches a net to try and capture the flying beasties, and attach this to the side of the body.

The set has really lovely stickers.

On the other side of the net launcher, we are building a studshooting gun, which can fold into the body, or be deployed to allow the ACU agent to shoot at the pteranodon.

The only thing we need to do now is to add the main rotors to the helicopter.

And the whole set stands completed:

Like any set, it comes with a few additional parts:

I loved the Jurassic World range, and this set is really sweet.  The helicopter is fantastic looking, the dinosaur is gorgeous... If I should give one thing of critique, it would have been nice if Zara had been included as a minifigure, but you can`t have it all, can`t you.

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