maandag 4 juli 2016

Build Report: 40026 Statue of Liberty

What better way to wish my american friends a happy Independance Day then to build an icon of the USA.

And today, we are putting together the Statue of Liberty polybag, which came out in 2012.  It`s a cheap one still to get, going at around 7 euro, but it contained a nice pile of green and tan pieces, making it excellent value.

Opening the bag we get the instructions leaflet and a pile of parts.

First, we build up the soccle of the statue, beginning with a tan plate to which we add detail and height.

Upon this, a grey brick with 4 knobs is placed to accomodate the robes of Lady Liberty.

Green slopes and a jumper then make up her main body.

A green minifigure head is placed on top of this.

Adding a dish for her crown and a torch for the flame, the little build stands completed.

And a few additional pieces are included as well

This is one of those `special case` sets for me.  Up close, it doesn`t look like anything, but when seen from a meter or two away, it does an amazing good job.  A fun little bag, and enjoy your festivities!

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