dinsdag 5 juli 2016

Star Trek Online: Risa Vorgon Xyfius ship

Woopie, got my first Tier 6 vessel.  Well, that`s the good news, on the flip side this years special summer event vessel is a Tactical vessel... and I`m a scientist.

Now, it doesn`t really matter per se what kind of vessel you fly, but I prefer science ships for their bonusses on my main weapon, the Photonic Fleet skill, and their `Target subsystems` special trait.

But at least it`s a free ship that will be of use in the Admiralty system, as it has some great statistics.  Now to keep refining my dilithium and aim for some cool vessel from the ZEN system when the exchange lowers back after the current lockbox craze.  I just wonder how the temporal storyline that will launch this week will work, one of the boxes can contain the "Abramsverse" Enterprise and while I`m not that much a fan of the movie series, it is a damn pretty ship.

Oh heck, I`ll be rolling a toon anyways to play the temporal thingie of the past, and see where that goes in the coming weeks. 

Good times ahead!

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