donderdag 14 juli 2016

Star Trek Hidden Frontiers season 2

So the conflict with The Grey continues in the second season of Hidden Frontiers, a fanmade webseries of the Star Trek franchise, taking place in the Briar Patch area.

And this, the series actually went pretty deep...

It does have some changes to the roster again, as Wesley Crusher, who signed up for the crew in season 1s finale is nowhere to be seen, nor is their resident Iconian who apparantly has died in battle off screen.

On the other hand, the series has a very strong episode with "Yesterday`s Excelsior", based on the top episode from TNG Yesterday's Enterprise, and it goes in some deep emotional waters like personal loss, reunion, depression, struggling with homosexuality... to name but a few. 

This makes it a really strong season, and surely, as a fanseries it has nowhere near the budget like regular Star Trek series had, but that is compensated by some strong performances from the actors and some really strong storylines.

Counting 9 episodes (well, 8.5, the finale is cut in two to have it continued in season 3) of 20 minutes, this is great stuff to watch in those free half hours or when it`s the GF`s daily "soap and other girly television programs" time.

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