woensdag 20 juli 2016

USS Kelvin NCC 0514

The vessel that has lend it`s name to the movies alternate timeline continuity, the USS Kelvin was an ill-fated Federation science vessel that first encountered the Romulan Narada of captain Nero.

Like with the Abramsverse Enterprise and the NX-01 build, this ship is an adaption of a Tintin1Youtube build, if you look over on YouTube on that name you can find the ship and a lot of other great builds he has done of Federation vessels.
Totally outmatched, Jim Kirk`s gather George was captain of this vessel for 12 minutes and saved 700 lives, as he allowed the crew to evacuate before ramming the ship into the Romulan monstrosity, disabling it and as such allowing the survivors to escape.

I really like the design of this ship, being like an "evolved" version of the old FASA Saladin class science vessel with the large nacelle underneath and the secondary hull added above.

Her saucer section has a 24 studs diameter, and her total length comes to 42 studs, making her once again perfect in my "target" area for sizes, being about the length of a regular Lego Star Wars set.  You know, the infamous "balancing" of our convention team etc...

Her neck is a bit fragile though being only a stud wide, hence why I placed her "low by the ground" using just some minifigure stands as a base for placing her.

And here she stands, proudly alongside the reboot Constitution, and ready to go to convention season this fall.

But now, I have a real big project to think about to get ready for FACTS 2016 in october... and it won`t be Star Trek.

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