donderdag 7 juli 2016

Federation Commbadge mosaic

I finished it, right on time for the StarCom / Comic Con convention in Ghent this sunday... my very first mosaic I ever made.

I have to thank Hans from our LUG for this one, as he explained to me how to go about these things while we were driving to Brick Mania Liege last month.

I wanted to start with something small, on a 32x32 baseplate, but yet iconic and recognisable.  As a trekkie myself, my choice fell on the commbadge icon as it was shown during Deep Space Nine / Voyager television series.

I went for a technique using bricks for the picture, and tiles for the surrounding area, giving it a bit of a three dimensional look.  Sand green amongst other colours was used to give the golden edge of the badges it`s "shine" and adding some contrast to it.

I think it turned out really nice for a very first try ever at this sorts of builds!

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