zondag 17 juli 2016

Star Trek Online: Future Proof (continued)

So with the latest expansion, the Future Proof storyline has been expanded.  

After completing the previous storyarc, Yesterday`s war, we where left with the Envoy and his allies forming the Temporal Liberation Front, and now you`re out to stop them.

In the first of the two new episodes, it turns out the Envoy and his forces have besieged New Khitomer, the colony in the future that regulates the temporal agency. 

As you fight your way in, you learn there is another player on the board, as the Envoy, who turns out to be the Krenim scientist Noye from all the way back in your Delta Quadrant storyline, kills Daniels.

He has enlisted Admiral Leeta from the Mirror universe to do his fighting.  While you manage to overcome and capture both the Nak`hul and Vorgon representatives, the loss of Daniels puts the whole timeline in danger.

Captain Chekov, from the 23rd century, is now in command of your group and he informs you the battle for time will be the conflict at Procyon 5 (as seen in Enterprise).  You must go there, and with the Tox Uthat the Sphere Builders can be stopped.

The only vessel capable of doing this though, is the Enterprise-J, and with the help of another time displaced legend in the form of Mister Scott, you defend the Enterprise, overcome Leeta who promptly withdraws from the conflict, and install the machine.

The Enterprise succeeds in disableing the Spheres and the expanse disappears, so all you now have to do is to turn in Noye, who tries to flee aboard the timeship Annorax.

After succesfully capturing him, Daniels is brought back to life due to the changes in the timeline, as you stopped Noye before he was free to kill him... yeah, time mechanics are a bitch.

And the main stories are once again `on par` for me.  Enjoying these time hopping adventures, I`m still in doubt wether to try my hand at a Temporal Agent, as I have a LOT of things to do still in order to catch up where I left off those years ago, so I`ll be grinding and exploring mostly the coming weeks... and get me a T6 vessel to my tastes (Geneva class, I have my eye on you!)

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