donderdag 28 juli 2016

The Adventures of Vin Fiz - Clive Cussler

I always been intrested in Clive Cussler since I saw him narrate the Sea Hunters decades ago, and have read quite a few of his books.

A while ago, I picked up his first children`s book in a bargain bin, more out of curiosity, and read it.


Lacey and Casey are two farmers children.  One day, their parents receive a harvest season`s help from a mysterious man called Sucop Sucoh, and when he leaves, he gifts the children a box that can make any toy come to life.
They use it to create a Wright brothers airplane called Vin Fiz, and they set out to travel from California to New York on the enchanted machine.
Along the way, they come along various adventures like runaway trains and western style bandits, before seeing at last the city of new York.


It`s actually a good story, though at 150 pages maybe a bit short.  I read it in two days worth of bus drives (I do about 30 + 45 minutes one way), but it really captivated me in that I even missed my stop on one occassion.
It`s written fluently and smoothly, and I think i`ll keep it aside for when the kid gets english at school and they need books for reports :-)

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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