maandag 4 juli 2016

Inspirational Lego 77

Another monday, another selection of cool builds I bumped across on the internet.

And we start the week with a bit of a special thingy, being Star Wars... Friends.

I actually kind of like that way of depicting the machines from the franchise, in their all bright and shiny colourscheme.

Okay, so here is a more accurate build from Star Wars then, a GONK droid.

While we all know Game of Thrones, due to it`s mature content, won`t ever be an official Lego set, this moc of Kraster`s House is a fine looking build.

The Gouda, one of the ships of last septembers shipcraze, is a small one person fighter vessel resembling a very, very dutch thingy...

Gundam 00 was a very strong series, and the lead machine, the Exia, looks just fantastic.

While I wasn`t wild about the Will Smith movie I Am Legend, this build does resemble the film very well.

Another film icon, this Lotus Esprit from James Bond is ready to dive out of trouble.

Talking movies, I loved Memphis Belle, the story about the bomber of the a-bomb and his youthfull crew.  This mosaic nicely depicts the plane`s iconic character painting.

A great looking Micky and Minny Mouse build, which looks like it would actually play music.

The final build for this week is this Ford Tudor hotrod, I just adore the way the engine block looks.

Well that was this weeks selection, hope you enjoyed it!

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