vrijdag 15 juli 2016

USS Enterprise NX-01

She`s done!  The vessel to go with my traditional NX-01 cap has been build and is ready to take along to conventions.

The NX class Enterprise, captained by Jonathan Archer, as she was shown in the Star Trek series "Enterprise".

I always liked her `primitive` look, literally being a saucer with the engine behind it.  The ship itself measures 43 studs in length, while having a dish diameter of 24 studs, so that`s about the size of a Lego Star Wars ship, again adding some counterweight to the Wars boys in Team BeLUG.

I put her on three small stands, based around the minifigure stands as they have been lingering around here anyways, and this distributes the weight nicely.

All in all, I feel she captures the look okay.  I tried her first with more rounded buzzard collectors, but that just looked `odd`, can`t really put my finger on it but it just didn`t work.

And now, back to the building table, I have a Battlestar in the works... and another starship (no, not another Enterprise this time).

Like with the Abramsverse build, this ship is a modification of a design I found on the internet by an excellent builder called Tintin1YouTube, if you google on that name you can find the ship and a lot of other great builds he has done of Star Trek vessels.

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