zondag 31 juli 2016

Mijn Blokje's Pokemon Go Hunt Brussels

For those that follow my blogpage, you'll definitly heard already about Mijn Blokje.

This lovely company is my go to adress for all my engraved and printed bricks I use on all my MOC's as name labels.

And today, they organised a Pokemon Hunt between 16.00 and 17.00 around the Brussels Atomium monument.  So I hopped on the train at Antwerpen Centraal and steamed away to Brussels.

Now, I don`t play pokemon Go myself (yet) as I`m waiting to grab myself the newest top of the line HTC model before setting out in the world, but I was there none the less.  Well, because Cathy had a Nanoblocks set for me she brought along from London, and I wanted to see such a hunt going on.

So I came along for the pictures, and to watch the brave adventurers fight for possession of the Atomium Gym.  Apparently, bar 2 people, everyone present was a member of the red team.  Luckily I ain`t playing yet then, because I will definitly go Team Valor (the yellow ones).

All participants received a nice 2x4 promo brick and a gift voucher from Mijn Blokje, and then we set out in the wide world.  Or at least the BruParc one...

Through dark recesses the brave adventurers crawled to find their new companions...

And even the youngest of them all where present to catch them all!

Then, a walk around the BruParc made our brave adventurers complete their Pokedex'es some more.

And then it was time for me to train back to Antwerp as the adventurers rounded out their nice afternoon out together.

I really liked the dynamic between a group of people as I was a firsthand witness today, so I`m definitly going to make work of it to get going myself.

Especially since I now have the promobrick also in 1x8 size, excellent for on my BrickBadge!

Great fun, and thanks Mijn Blokje for putting this together. 

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