maandag 31 juli 2017

What I painted in July 2017

The short answer?  A lot.

The somewhat longer answer is that I nearly completed one, and finished another, army.

The main focus this month was on the Grand Alliance Order force that needs to take to the field of battle in august, so bar a single model that still is in the post, the small army is ready for action.

The first unit I rounded out was a regiment of Halberdiers, painted in the uberclassic Altdorf scheme.

Next, I finished 5 more Witch Elves, rounding out the unit to 10 models.

Every army needs a general, and I had decided early on The Empire contignent would be mainly focussed on the Hochland province.  So for the general, I took the old (1994) Elector Count Ludenhof model.

And added a retinue of three State Troops units in the Hochland livery, consisting of 10 Swordsmen, 10 Militia and 10 Handgunners to bulk out the army.

The army I completely finished this month, and then some, was finally starting my 6mm force of Emperor's Children for Future War Commander.  Apart from the 100 points I planned for it, the foce was expanded by some units already and more are on the way in august, so I guess by the end of that month, it might already be at, or even over, the 2k mark...

The final thing finished this month is the first unit for my 40k force, in the form of 5 Warp Talons in Emperor's Children livery. Now to get them registered in the online campaign lol...

A very productive month as such indeed, and I doubt I`ll top that one in volume anytime soon though...

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