dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

Blade Runner 2049

Set 30 years after the classic movie, and 30 years after the initial release (let`s not count all the various cuts that came out over the years now do we), the sequel of Blade Runner drew me to the theatre past sunday.

And boy, I didn`t regret it at all.

Agent K is a "skinjob" that has become a Blade Runner, as the newer models are virtually indistinguishable from a normal human.  However, there are still older models out at large, and the Blade Runners are there to "retire" these models.  Aka, shoot them in the head.

But during such a job, K learns that Rachel, the android GF of Deckard from the first movie, actually performed a miracle.  She gave birth!  This event can rock the whole world on it`s foundations, as that would mean the androids are no longer programmed slaves, but sentient lifeforms.  While the inventor Wallace wants to track down the child to perfect his creation and make androids the dominant lifeform, K must find the child through Deckard to keep all of this under control.  Even though for a while he believes he is it, due to his supressed and implanted memories.

The movie is a true masterpiece, and I kid you not if I say that this is perhaps the best thing I saw in cinema`s for the past decade.  The soundtrack emerges you perfectly in the world of Blade Runner, which has become even rawer then in the original, but is also still a visual masterpiece. 
The acting is on a fantastic level, even Leto is doing a good job, while Ford looks and feels like he acts with a passion for the first time in a long line of sequels "his agent told him to do", like Indiana Jones or Star Wars. 

Be warned though.  This is NOT your entertaining, brainless pew-pew sci-fi flick you want to go to the movies for, with a bag of crisps and a soda.  The movie challenges the mind often, and a bit of foreknowledge of the first one doesn`t hurt either.  So if you want to just sit back and enjoy a rollercoaster, you might consider Thor: Ragnarok or something like that instead...

But this one... it`s an Oscar candidate for sure!

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