donderdag 19 oktober 2017

Build Report: 40056 Thanksgiving Feast

In an effort to get to the 50 build reports goal and work away a bit on the backlog, I`m going to be doing a heap of these posts over the coming days, so don`t think I`m back to the brick though.

You see, I had material well into the first half of 2019 if I uploaded one weekly, so let`s get this ball rolling.

The first one for this marathon week is set 40056, a small polybag seasonal 2013 which counted about 40 pieces.

The set itself is simple, a large table with a heap of foodstuffs, and a couple to enjoy the dinner.  As such, opening the bag gives us a pile of parts dominated by the two larger tan plates for the table itself.

The minifgs themselves are pretty basic city models, with the female using a torso initially from the Pirates line to give a bit of an "outdoor" look apparently.

The table is made up by using two long plates, on which the tan ones are added to serve as the top of the table.

Arches are then used to make the legs, and completing the table ready for dressing up.

Plates and a large turkey are added to the top, as these parts are "connected" on the table surface.

Add the kittens and a pile of loose fruit and food parts, and the set stands completed.

There where a few additional pieces as well to go with the set.

It`s a simple build affair, yet this polybag was rather popular as it was back then one of the few sources to get the turkey from, and it still tends to go around 15 euro for the poly on Bricklink these days.

A nice little thing to have, but nothing spectacular now to be honest.

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