donderdag 26 oktober 2017


A Netflix original adaption based on the classic videogame, this 4 episode series follows the beginning of the saga.

Critically acclaimed as the best videogame adaption of 2017 so far, it has everything we gotten to know from the gaem: intrigue, gore, and a heavy gothic setting.

The story details at first just why Dracula has unleashed his dark forces on the land of Wallachia: the church has burned his wife, a scientist, at the stake for withcraft.  This has driven him into rage and he terrorizes the land. 

In the meantime, Trevor Belmont, last son of the House of Belmont, gets involved with a group called the Speakers to try and stop this threat, and awaken a rumoured mystical warrior from an eternal sleep to deliver the people in freedom.

While the story and such are indeed very well brought, I personally have one grief with the series, though this can`t be held against it to be honest.  As someone watching Japanese anime`s since 1984 (yeah, I`m that old), I have a certain "dislike" for the more american style of animation.  It`s not only with this series, but also with the likes of the DC animated universe, I find the animations to "stiff" and the backgrounds not blending in well enough.

But as I said, that is a pure personal taste matter, and something that doesn`t do anything to the quality of the series itself.

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