donderdag 19 oktober 2017

Build Report: 70599 Cole`s Dragon

Even though the Ninjago movie isn`t doing as great as the previous two outings of Lego to the cinema's, I liked this Sky Pirate subtheme of the series.

Giving a sort of sky-fi feel with the pirate vehicles, and the heroes riding dragons, this had some lovely elements and figures in the range.

A small box with about 90 parts, Cole`s Dragon is one such example, as the pirate figure included (Buko) quickly found life in my pirate builds.  Opening the box as such, you get two bags of parts, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet.

The first thing as such is using some of the stickers to prepare Cole`s back banner, in old asian style of warriors.

Cole himself carries his trusty scythe, while Zane in a way is included in the form of a spirit crystal that is trapped in the sword, and it's up to the black Ninja to free his partner.

But the sky pirates are around to try and prevent this.  I for one LOVED the sword on this figure...

The underside of the dragon is then assembled, as this is where all the parts like the legs, neck, tail and wings will be connected to.

A riding spot is prepared on the back of the beast.

The tail is the first of the appendages that is being put together, using connecting parts and dressing it up with jumpers and slopes.

Next, the neck is also put together and connected to the central body mass.

We assemble the head itself then next, using stickers for additional decoration.  A nice touch is that the mouth can open and close on the little beast.

"Shoulderpads" are then added to the body, once again using stickers for decoration.

Two simple but sturdy legs are then put together, mirrored to go one on each side.

The final thing we need to build are the two wings, a symmetrical build and the use of the golden blades adds a nice touch to represent the spiky ends of them.

The full set as such then stands completed:

And of course, we had some left over extra parts included:

This is a really nice little set to be honest, as it has a cute little dragon, and some excellent figures and parts.  Combined with not being franchise sets, this is really cheap and at Kruidvat for example overhere, you would have one of them for about 6 euro if you waited for the right store actions...

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