donderdag 26 oktober 2017

SAGA Mounted Fianna

One of the "must paint" units for SAGA / Dux I had to finish was a cavalry unit, and that means for the Irish a unit of mounted nobles, or Fianna.

Coming from Gripping Beast, these 4 lesser lords are ready to take the battle to the enemy in a fast manner.

In Dux they can also serve, as a 6 man elite unit on fott becomes a 4 man unit when mounted, and this is basically why I decided to add them to my force, to harass the flanks of the enemy forces and threaten the backs to break up shieldwalls.

Or I can use them as hired mercenaries should I go down that road to bolster my forces in the near future, to compensate for my battered Levy contignent for the army.

Next for the Irish will be a mounted Noble to lead them in battle then...

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