dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Romano British Warriors and Archers

In an effort to "romanize" my force some more for the Dux campaign, I grabbed a box of Gripping Beast plastics and started work on some units.

The idea is to use them for all the "non Levy" and "non Mercenary" troops, and to fit a bit more in the time period of the dwindling Romano British culture.

This also gives some more uniformity in my force, for as much as that was actually a thing back then.  The models as such will all wear bleached tunics and blue details (the shields are btw historically accurate RB ones) to better bring them together.

I am going for 8 strong units of both Warriors and Elites, to be able to deal with any reinforcements that might come with the progress of the campaign, and I will be in the end also prepare standard bearers to serve as markers should a warrior unit become elite status.

But for now, the first two units have been completed with the Warriors and the Archers.  I have time unitl about half of november anyways for expanding and tuning the force, so if I do these guys "in between", that should all finish nicely.

And now to finish my Cavalry...

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