zondag 8 oktober 2017

Daemonettes of Slaanesh

I had a "good night" for painting yesterday, resulting in getting the first of my daemonette units finished this morning.

Now, lots of these alluring ladies will be following overtime, but they where THE priority models to get finished this week, so I`m going to get some nice bonus units done in all probability, like (at last) the cultists.

For one, I`m happy with how their skin turned out.  I used a base of Sky Grey, washed with Purple Tone and a new Sky Grey drybrush over it, giving it that aetherical grey effect with a purple hue to them.  This makes them look a bit sinister without being to "clean" or whitish in hue.

The unit itself is one of the Troops choices for the initial Age of Sigmar 1000 points army I`m putting together, a Host of Slaanesh (deuh) but they also are perfectly usuable in my Emperor's Children force.  This also means that their low Power level now pushes the force over the 50 PL's I had set out with as a start, completing that objective for 2017 as well.
Now the 40k force gives me a pool of about 1200 points painted already to choose from, with the force about to expand a lot in the near future as I`ll be adding more ranged choices to it to better tune my playstyle, as for some reason I ended up with a heap of melee units painted first.

For the Emperor!

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