dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

Betrayal at House on the Hill - TSA friday the 13th

What better game to play on a friday the 13th, then a horror-like boardgame?

So past friday at TSA, we did just that as Nemesis, my GF, Albert and I sat down for a game of Betrayal.

Now, the concept of the game is that you at first work together to discover the "haunt", but that actually turns one of the players into a bid baddie the others suddenly must overcome.

I took the role of Father Rhinehart, an old priest that joined the investigation, and who's physical attributes are "poor" to say the least.

Soon I became isolated from the others, and basically failed to get any equipment as I kept spending time in trying to unlock the Vault.  However, in the meantime I had caused the Haunt to begin, and it turned out aliens where hiding in the house, trying to kidnap the players (Albert turned out to be the mind controlled pawn).

Time was running short as the spaceship needed to be destroyed, as the most physically strongest of the players was the evil one, and the best geared one, Nemesis, was lured towards the vessel.

In a stroke of more luck then talent, I broke the spell on him though, and stealing his spear in the process to be sure to have some chance of denting the spaceship for the final wound, something both Nemesis and the GF had already done.  The GF was subsequently mindcontrolled and dragged aboard the ship, while Nemesis was killed by the aliens.

Leaving an old priest suddenly the only man standing, but now geared with a heap of stuff from cracking the vault and the stolen spear.  I made the final roll to trash the ship (barely!), and was just lucky the alien couldn`t seem to mind control me due to the high Sanity on the character...

It was a fun game, taking about 2 hours to complete, and something we`ll probably play again somewhere down the line...

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