zaterdag 21 oktober 2017

Emperor's Children versus Orks: 1000 points BatRep

Tonight I got my second game of 40k in, and facing one of the armies I "historically" always feared: the Orks.

Now, after the debacle that was my more CC orientated force versus the Death Guard, I rebuild my army to my own tastes and style of play: static and shooty.  No i don`t like Iron Warriors, I love to paint pinks and purples!

It didn`t help of course that I missed a few editions, and had totally no idea what was facing me, but he had a big dreadnought with a mechanic, guys with missile tubes, a painboy and warboss, a huge mob of 30 boys, a looterz squad, a nob squad and a bikers squad.

My line consisted of a Predator, a Quad Bolter Rapier, a small marine squad, a sorcerer, a squad of Havocs, an Exalted Champion, a large fully equipped marine squad, a Helbrute and a mob of Cultists... so oddly enough, I wasn`t outnumbered to badly, one thing I really feared.

He also spread his line over the whole table edge, so combined with him having no psychic defenses (apart from Smite I took Precognition and the Slaanesh power), this might turn out rather okay.

Amd how it did as I had first turn and an immensely succesful shooting phase.The Havoc lascannon and the Predator made short work of the Dreadnought before it could do anything, while the Rapier ripped into the boys.

His first turn saw the bikes surge forward with the nobs, but he failed his charge roll for the nobs (twice!), causing the bikes to crash into the Cultists... and fare rather badly.

Turn two was a massacre, as I literally ended the game there and shot his army to pieces.  After a devastating volley, only 5 boys remained, and the nobs where down to two.  Blunting his assault, he withdrew his warboss behind the building and hoped to do some damage with the remaining models.

His nobs charged the cultists, and in the end the last remaining one shot down the last cultist.

His missile launchers tore into the small marine squad, felling three of their number. But it was too little too late.

As both the missile troops and the looterz where shot to pieces, his characters finally appeared and went out to do a large stand charge on the Marines... and his Warboss failed both charges, needing to cover 6 inch.  He was duly executed (after suffering 5 of his 6 wounds to Overwatch), as the painboy was later crushed by the powerfist of the aspiring champion.  Two lascannon shots later, his last Nob and his mechanic where of to meet Mork and Gork and the game was done.

The battle went extremely well, and if I have to nominate a model of the match, it must be the Rapier, who ripped through the boys and missile troops like a hot knife through butter.  The Cultists once again performed above the line of duty as well... my Alpha Legion is so going to be filled with them.    On the flop side, the Helbrute's plasmacannon takes the trophy, causing a stunning two wounds during the whole battle... on itself!

But in the end, I lost only the Cultist squad, and a few marines, so that went better then expected...

A great game against a fun and new player to TSA, Vincent, and it seems we will be seeing a lot more of the Greenskins in the future.  And me?  I`m going to start tuning my force some more and expand to 1500 in the coming weeks, and take my first dribs and drabs in starting my second Legion.

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