zaterdag 28 oktober 2017

The Empire marches to war once more

Well, that`s another "completed" on the goals list then.

As I had managed a 1000 points "Order" force before, the General`s Handbook broke my army into two pieces.

And there is a campaign coming up in 2018, starting in all probability in januari over at TSA.  Now, I know I`ll be up against some rather competitive players, which isn`t meant in a bad way, but who will look more to a good list then a "rabbled together" one as I tend to build. 

But I dwindle, the fact is I chose to field my beloved Empire, and for it's core force of 1000 points (including the Warscroll from the appendix book, downloadable from the Games Workshop website) I now reached the goal. 

The force is made up of nothing special, with almost every troop a pure State Troop unit.  Surely they benefitted somewhat from the Handbook, in that troops gotten cheaper in points.  But this all means that now the base force consists of no less then 81 models, so that should be a nice solid base to now start expanding on.

This will be mostly by adding more regular troops, and the slow integration of shock troops and artillery.  At first I aimed to play Slaanesh at next year's mega battle at TSA, but it might perfectly be I`ll do it with my Empire instead as they continue to grow in number.

But now, time to start some other sideprojects... more on that a bit later today.

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