maandag 30 oktober 2017

Turn: Washington's Spies season 4

The fourth and final season of the AMC hit series, this year is all about knotting up loose ends.

Against a war of independance, the spy ring struggles on to free their country from the British.

Central this year is vengeance.  Washington versus Arnold.  Hewlett and Woodhall versus Simcoe.  Simcoe versus peace... the tables turn in every direction in a year filled with treason and plot.

As Judge Woodhall finally helps out his son Abraham, he pays the ultimate price.  This causes Abraham to leave Setauket and join the army camp of Washington where he is swiftly recruted to infiltrate the british force with the help of a returned Hewlett.  In a plot to capture the traitor Benedict Arnold, who himself keeps looking for recognition, they swear a vow to kill Simcoe.

However, as the war steps up and the French (finally) intervene, things don`t go as planned, and afterwards the spy ring members, unsung heroes whose names could never be revealed, have to cope with normal life once again... and I cried like a child at the final 5 lines of the series.

Another good season, and even though it moved more from the spy versus spy game to a spy influence the war game this year, it was a strong ending to a very lovely series indeed.

And Simcoe...

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