woensdag 4 oktober 2017

Ostermark Handgunners

The first batch of Handgunners, in which what will become two full 30 man strong regiments, has rolled of the painting table in order to boost the ranks of the Empire.

Having been impressed by their performance of a lone 10 man squad in last august`s big battle, and having always loved handgunners, it`s only natural that they will form the core of my State Troop army.

Though I`ll need to get two boxes with the command group in it one of these weeks, to actually "fully equip" both regiments in the end.  Now with a TSA Age of Sigmar campaign on the horizon (normally somewhere in January, and everyone seems to be needing to play about 8 games so that`s calendar managable) and the split my Order force suffered with the latest General's Handbook, I`m pushing on getting the The Empire force "solo" to 1.000 points minimum.  That goal has almost been reached now, and with the Militia and some odds and ends to them it should be done.

I might look around at Crisis for a suitable (sexy female) Wizard as well to go with the force, but that is expansion planning for later.  The troops are painted in the traditional Ostermark purple and yellow (I love the former, hate the latter to paint) uniform scheme, giving a nice contrast to the Hochland green and red, and Altdorf blue and red that currently makes up my force.

But first, some Slaaneshi forces will be on the paint schedule, to actually make it look like I started work on that army (which needs to be completed by august 2018 anyways)...

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