maandag 2 oktober 2017

Kern Slingers

The first completed unit of the month, these are the last figures from the Dark Ages box of Warriors I bought to bulk my Dux force.

But in that game, you have 4 strong missile troops, while in the SAGA Irish list, the Kerns, who are either armed with a javelin or a sling, number 12.

So I assembled the final 8 models to bring my unit up to 12, and "tick" another point on my force, bringing it's total to 12 now at the moment, and another stack of points is still in the pipeline.

The models where done once again with Strong Tone from Army Painter, a great and swift way to finish these plastic models, while for the clothing I kept to the rotation I used for the whole box: paint a models tunic in the colour of the previous guys pants, to keep a sort of unified yet diverse feel to them.

This should cover my Dux bases for sure now, the next unit will be cavalry models to add more variety to the force and open some more options.

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  1. I am trying out a range of washes for all sorts of things at the moment. The strong tone is a good multi-purpose choice.