donderdag 5 oktober 2017

FWC 6mm Rhino's

One of the things your infantry will need in Future War Commander are transports in about half the scenario's.  And for Marines, what better is there then the venerable Rhino.

Thanks to Albert at TSA I managed to get my hand on 5 of the plastic ones, so I painted them up for my Emperor's Children force.

Two of them received the purple and gold pre-heresy colourscheme, while the other three got the flashier pink and black colours to race around the battlefield, delivering stands of fearless pleasure seekers to the enemy ranks.

With 5 of these now available, to be used as the 40 points each "Bad Dawg" M50s" I can add some decent mobility to the normal troops, just in case they would need some rapid redeployment, or take the battle to the enemy.

Now I really should get some for 40k as well...

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