zondag 22 oktober 2017

The Haul Report 104

Hello all in an episode with a long awaited parcel on the one hand, and a box of freebies on the other.

Which also will mean I got a lot to paint up in the coming weeks or months...

The first thing I got was an order from Wayland Games (my regular go-to place for none GW stuff, that I usually get in my local store).  It was a box of Gripping Beast Late Romans, which will be painted up for the Dux campaign, to "phase" my Irish for more correct units.  And as such I can use the Dark Age Warriors as levy to better distinguish it all on the table.

I also picked up the Irish mounted noble to lead the unit in the game, and a Bard, for those times he is wandering around during a Battle, even though he doesn`t have any "practical" value.

The second thing is a big box of knights.  Years ago, when I went into hibernation, I apparently gave my Tau to Svenn over at TSA (I gave away a lot of stuff, can`t remember honestly what to whom).  He asked me if I still played Empire (of course) and handed me a box of plastic knights of various sources (like the old "Ridderstrijd" boardgame).

All in all about 30 cavalry models, including Reiksguard as well, some conversions, the old metal General with lance (you know, the one with the sideswipe haircut and the moustache), and a Finecast Valten.  Time to paint more horsies in the near future, thanks matey!

And all in all, thats about 75 models on top of the lead pile, if I get in the Analogue challenge, I`ll be having a lot of material to work on xD

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