zaterdag 28 oktober 2017

TSA Clubevening 27th of October 2017

Another friday, another evening of games and pleasure at the Tin Soldiers clubhouse!

And a bit of a special thingie this time, as we have a sort of "exclusive" to share.

Arno, aka Captain Tweetie on our clubboard forum, the resident Boardgame guru was presenting a very first prototype version of a new boardgame, which hopefully will be released in about a years time from now.

This wasn`t the only boardgames to grace the clubhouse this evening though.

The Heroquest rpg group also got together again.

As where the counter wargamers, progressing further in their immense game.

The TSA homebrewn rules of Rudi where played again as well as North faced off the South once again on the field of battle.

AMSS, a miniature club that gathers regularly on the club, had their painting evening as well, and Ramir was putting down some gorgeous brushstrokes.

In the meantime, colonial forces prepared to invade the zulu lands.

More homemade rules with this micro-armour battle raging.

The Colonials try to throw of the joke of the British.

Space Wolves face down the Death Guard.

There was also a game of Dux for our campaign going, but shame on me, I forgot to snap a picture of this...

And now... it`s time for Crisis, taking place next saturday!  So if you are present, feel free to drop by and come say hello, just ask after "Tomsche" and I`m pretty sure you`ll get pointed in the right direction... basically, where the noise comes from.

A full report will of course be brought to you on the sunday!

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