donderdag 26 oktober 2017

How to Plan an O**y in a Small Town

How to plan an orgy in a small town is a comedy from 2015, dealing with the little town community life and it`s "taste" for more excentric, large city experiments.

And it is a hilarious movie, filled with stereotypes and the always cute Jewel Staite, our favorite Firefly engineer and Atlatis medic...

When "town slut" turned sex columnist Cassie Cranston returns for her mother's funeral it spices things up in the small town of Beaver's Ridge when a group of eccentric town folk, each with their own motives, convince her to plan an orgy.

Unfortunately, Cassie is in reality a virgin.  Her ex-boyfriend is married to the town "organising lady", who desperately wants to have kids.  There is the nympho ex-wife, the gamer geek, the hidden gay man, the mutually attracted but in denial co-workers...

This all results in some very, very awkward situations (heck, even me and the GF had at times "heck, that could have been us") in the often situational humour.

It`s a bit of a "went below the radar" kind of movie, but it was a great "late evening movie" , and for those scared by the orgy in the title, apart from a full 3 seconds long boob shot in the beginning, this is a very "clean" movie.

Though you might have some odd explanations to provide if you watch this with kids...

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