dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

Emperor's Children ranged Helbrute

So as shown in the video from this week, I finished the Helbrute dreadnought for my Emperor's Children force.

Now, with my "love" for close combat and Death Guard, needless to say it got the long range variants, with as high a strength as possible.

So he has the Helbrute plasmacannon as well as the Missile Launcher options equipped.  This gives me a solid base of S8 shots (with the Krak missiles as well as the plasma) and a decent save modifier.

Now, I`m not a fan of the model itself, preferring the older metal and more robust dreads instead of these flesh monstrosities with plates stuck on them.  But heck, a man has to paint what a man has lying around now doesn`t he...

Next, the Predator will be finished!

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