zondag 1 oktober 2017

Wonder Woman

The star of the (weak) Batman vs Superman movie, Gal Gadot returns as Diana, Princess of Themyscira or better known as Wonder Woman.

And DC can use a good movie in their DCEU after the previous instalments...

Diana grows up as the only child on the hidden amazon island of Themyscira, and hopes to one day become a mighty warrior princess herself.  The island, hidden by Zeus, was created to prevent Ares to raind war and destruction on the world, but when an american spy accidentally happens to find the island, they learn war has come indeed.

When germans follow the spy, they engage in a fierce battle with the amazons, and Diana sets out in the world to find and face Ares, and stop this world war he has instigated. Travelling to the Western Front in Belgium, Diana and Steve team up with some of his collegues in an effort to stop the development of an even deadlier form of mustard gas...

Well, they did it.  I watched this movie the past night with the girlfriend, and we both agreed this was at last a good DCEU movie.  It`s not as gritty and dark in filming like the previous movies like Batman, resulting in that you can actually "see" what happens on screen.  You know, not the rainy, flashy mish mash like the Bats vs Sups fight in their movie.

Wonder Woman is certainly going to be a worthy addition to the Justice League, and if she can carrier her momentum of this outing, that might be good news for the DC cinematic adventures for sure.

Really, the best so far from DC!

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