maandag 30 oktober 2017

What I painted in october 2017

Another month has passed by (okay, technically one more day, but I`m out for Halloween tomorrow), and I did some serious assault on lead mountain.

Well, a bit of forced painting was included, as I both needed to complete some more Dux for games, as well as Emperor's Children.

And I function best under deadline pressure...

Dark Ages

Perhaps the brunt in volume this month have been figures for use in the Dux campaign.  Not only did I need to complete a heap for a game in the beginning of the month, I opted to start preparing "actual" romano-british for the campaign as well.

Age of Sigmar

For the fantasy side of gaming, some units where completed as well.  For the Empire, these consisted of both a regiment of Handgunners, and an expansion for the Militia force

While for Slaanesh, I painted up Sigvald as a lord, an old Black Tree giant for a spawn and a unit of deamonnetes (which I can also use in 40k)

Emperor's Children

They got the big stuff, as the Cultist unit got expanded to 20 strong, a small Havoc and a small marine squad joined the ranks and they got some big armoured support in the form of a Helbrute and a Predator... all units that had to be on the table a fortnight ago.  I`ll sleep when I`m dead I guess...

Other Things

The final thing I painted was a single Word Bearers marine, to serve as the "test colour base" for how that force will be tackled, prbably come 2018...

So all in all, a very impressive month for the tally, as I painted no less then,and all 28mm and 30mm figures this month round, 80 models.

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