zondag 29 oktober 2017

Expanding the Hochland Militia

While I won`t have much painting time the coming week, I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours past night with the hour changing and such.

As a result, I finished the next batch of 10 Militia for the Empire, bringing the unit from 10 to 20 soldiers strong.

Painted in the style of the first 10, they hint at the Hochland colours with green pants and red shirts, while wearing all sorts of non-uniformed clothing like longcoats.

Armed with a variety of weapons, the militia are actually rather handy and versatile troops in the Age of Sigmar game, providing both limited ranged support as well as being not totally hopeless up close... as far as a normal human soldier goes in a world filled with pointy eared swordmasters, greenskinned brutes and magically mutated monstrosities.

Next for the Empire will be the first batch of mounted forces to start adding punch to the force now...

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