dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

Project Red Mage cosplay

Okay, I did it before for the StarCom set a few years ago, and now I have this idea in my head and will try to do it again.

Using the "trade upwards" priciple (you know, the boy scout game), I`m going to try and get the materials together for a Red Mage costume to go back to cosplaying in 2018.

The deal is, my GF is into cosplaying, geeky things and all that sort of stuff, and we made a "pact" to visit conventions in the latter half of 2018, all dressed up.  While she aims for an anime character, I settled on the class I love playing in Final Fantasy online, the dandy mages of the Red Mage order, or Duellists.

Decked out in (deuh) red garbs with a heavy renaissance feel, they are using a combination of a casting crystal and rapier to toss their spells around, so not only will I have to go and get me a costume (the example shown costs about 250 euro including shipping and duties, so that's the nominal target I set myself, 500 incl tickets, hotel and accessories), but will also have to study YouTube on working with LED lights to make myself a rapier and the crystal.

So I`m going to scour my boxes of mostly vintage accessories for toys first, stuff like shown below, and start from there to trade around until I end up with the costume in the end.

And who knows, if all goes perfectly you might meet us at for example MCM Comic Con London in october 2018 :-)

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