vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

I won: Greebo Games Fang 'n Hood

A bit of a suprise as I was tagged on Facebook a day or two ago.

Greebo Games launched a Kickstarter for their Fang 'n Hood model, which is an epic take on Little Red Riding Hood fighting the Big Bad Wolf.

This will be a limited edition model, down to 500 copies, and through their page, you could try and guess the price the model would cost when going onto Kickstarter.  From those giving the correct price (which is 45 euro btw), a winner would be drawn.

And that turned out to be me.

I`m really happy for this one, it`s a great looking sculpts and will be one of those figures you paint to display in your cabinets instead of risking damaging it on the gaming table in all probability.  The Kickstarter is set to ship in February 2018, so I estimate my figure will be arriving then as well.

I`m really excited to get my hands on this one!

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