donderdag 12 oktober 2017

Emperor`s Children Havocs and Cultists

It has been a good week for painting, with the GF having a long series of graveyard shifts, meaning I could tackle the brushes at full speed.

And which means I completed two more units to reinforce and "reinvent" my Emperor's Children legion, in order to have them suit my playstyle far better then the headlong rush I was forced into at their first outing.

Being a lover of the ranged battle, the first thing I finished this week where a small squad of Havocs.  They will remain at 5 man, so no "meat shield" Marines in them, as their sole purpose is to become small vehicle hunter-killers.  You know, like that cursed bloat drone I wished to high hell and back in my last battle.
Armed with three plasmaguns for heavy shots while remaining mobile (and who can help burn holes in the regular t5 Death Guard marines as a bonus), I also included a lascannon for the "just in case" moments.

Combined with the necessary stratagems (like, +1 to wound rolls, or the fire twice one, heck even both) these should be able to finish small to mid level vehicles in one go, while if they could close to short range should dish out some serious plasma fire.

The second unit isn`t a unit "per se" but the completion of my Cultists unit, bringing their number to the aimed 20 and including the Cawdor Heavy Stubber.

The unit is also boosted by an additional 3 autogunners and 6 cultists geared more (lol) for close combat.

So all in all, a nice expansion on the force and granting some good ranged firepower boost to the army to replace my Warp Talons or Possessed on the line of battle.

Now to finish that Helbrute...

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